Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pony Ride with Olivia

My good friend Rosanna told me about a place I could take Olivia for pony rides... I thought it was fun so we decided to take the girls for some fun. Since we're both pregnant with our second we need to get out as often as possible before we get really busy with the newborns. The day was beautiful so it was very fun to enjoy the outdoors for a while....

The pony rides are very fun and extremely cheap...they cost $5 for an unlimited time and the ponies were very friendly. Olivia got on her pony and Iggy guided her around; she was strapped to the pony very tight to prevent any falls....she was having a blast....The pony even stopped to eat some grass and Olivia just looked at him.... She felt like a big girl! When it came time to come off the pony, Olivia got very upset....she was not happy about leaving and wanted another pony ride, however, we thought one was enough...
The pony rides were a great idea for the girls and definitely a different activity that kept them entertained for a while! What a fun day!

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