Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My poor baby is sick!

Well.. I should say my poor baby is STILL sick since this is day #6 of her not being herself.
It all started with a little fever on Thursday, which I sensed right after I picked her from daycare. On Friday morning she was feeling better and didn't have a temp anymore so we took her to daycare. When I picked her up she felt warm and then really hot! I took her temperature and it was about 103+ degrees, which is pretty high. I gave her Tylenol and it went down; she had an "ok" night...
Saturday morning, she was hot again, this time about 102 and I could tell she was not feeling well. During the day, she seemed to get better and even played with her cousin for a couple of hours but then that night, she got very sick again and the whole day Sunday she felt like crap, even refusing to eat or drink anything; her eyes were glassy, her cheeks were red and so were her lips... it was bad! I even thought of taking her to the ER, but then we spoke to her doctor and he said to wait until the next day and come in for a consult.
So yesterday morning we took her in to see her doctor and he immediately detected a very bad throat infection, congestion, fever, etc. Olivia was crying the whole time and I felt so bad seeing her suffer like that. She was prescribed antibiotics and a decongestant, which is supposed to make her feel better within 48 hours...she seems to be reacting well to the medications...
This has been such a horrible experience, especially since she has never been sick. Iggy and I have decided that it's best to take her out of daycare for now and maybe wait until she's ready for VPK. We will probably be going back to our babysitter, which happened to be awesome! I'm confident that this is the best thing we can do for our baby right now since we really don't see the need to put her through all this sickness....oh well!


Tara Lynne said...

Oh she does look so sick:(
Hope she feels 100% soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope she feels better soon! i hate when they are sick!