Thursday, June 17, 2010

Olivia is 35 months!

My "little lady" is 35 months today... in just one month she will be THREE years old! where did time go?? I seriously want it to STOP now!
Olivia is quite the character.. she can be the sweetest person one day and very devilish the next one... it's crazy!
She has such a strong personality and definitely knows how to get her way...
Olivia loves to dance and enjoys music so much.. She has demonstrated some theatrical abilities in the past month and I'm really loving that!... Her imagination never ceases to amaze me... she loves brushing my hair with pretend hair brushes and style it with pretend hair accessories.. it's so cute!
Olivia is extremely excited about her upcoming birthday party.. she's set on dressing up as Snow White and even helped me write the guest list... she's so freaking smart!
She has a love-hate relationship with her baby sister, which I guess is normal considering Gaby is not a "baby" anymore so now they can argue! ha ha!
I get so emotional every time her birthday gets closer... it's so nice to see them grow into little people but why does it have to happen so fast????
Happy 35 months Olivia!

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