Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup fun!

Today marks the opening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup... how exciting is that!?!?
Even though Soccer is not among my favorite sports, I must say that I am very excited about the idea of the girls enjoying their first every Soccer Wold Cup, since it is such a big world event..
Down here in Miami, people have a serious soccer fever, so it's very hard not to get into it since the energy is so contagious!
While I was in Europe, I bought a cute Argentina team t-shirt for Olivia (since my father was born in Argentina and that's our favorite team) and she woke up this morning asking me to wear it.. I asked her why, and she said "the World Cup starts today".. ha! I thought that was hilarious...
She walks around the house chanting "Argentina! Argentina!".. too cute...
Also, for the first time ever, I have entered a World Soccer pool, in which I could win some cash!!! In my predictions, I am choosing Spain as the winner! We'll see! ;)

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