Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diet Coke "detox"

I've been a Diet Coke drinker for over 20 years...yes yes.. that sounds insane being that I'm *only* 29 years old.. but it is my crazy reality...
The fact is that I love this drink and I could drink it all day every day... I know it's not the best, but it is yummy (for me anyways, and also for the millions of people that drink it around the world).. Diet coke is the MOST SOLD drink in the world! wow!
But the other day I read this article, which really really scared me! wow...
It scared me to the point where I decided to QUIT drinking this "poison"... I figured Diet Coke is the root of all my evil.. health evil at least..
I started doing some research and found this site about a guy's diet soda addiction.. I've decided to give it a try and at least attempt to find substitutes for my vice... so far it has been 2 days of "no Diet Coke" and I'm suffering... I feel withdrawal symptoms and it's not pretty... but I'm committed to this and WILL DO IT!
I guess water, juices and shakes will have to do! ;)

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I Just Love You said...

going cold turkey is gusty. if i were you i would gradually cut back so the withdraw symptoms aren't so bad. i love water and it's all i drink except for the one or two cups of coffee a day i drink. my husband has a soda obsession. he knows it makes him feel bad and quit for a day or two and then start again. he has a hard time giving up the fizzy part of it.