Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Low blow!

Some people just don't know when (or how) to keep their thoughts to themselves! wow!
It is no surprise that I've been struggling with my weight for the past year.. I've hit rock bottom and I'm currently at my heaviest weight EVER...
Not that I've made any efforts at losing weight, but it still sucks....
I know, I know.. I should get off the couch and exercise and maybe stop eating so much sweets, BUT the point is that I still haven't done it and here I am, at a whooping size 10 and 175 lbs! wow! I said it! it sounds crazy!!
So... yesterday I was out visiting a patient and his nurse was incredibly vocal and bursted "Wow! You've gained SO MUCH weight! You look so fat!"... I looked at her, perplexed at her honesty.. and said "I've weighed the same for about 9 months now, you must not remember me"... Mind you, she sees me at least every 3 months... oh was uncomfortable but I survived.. it happens! But what a low blow..right??
The sad part is that it doesn't end there.. I'm still fat and I'm still struggling.. and I hate the thought of people feeling sorry for me and my excess weight!
I NEED to find the motivation to get out of this fat body and start living in a skinnier version of myself... I just hope it happens fast!


BrookesMommy said...


a) You are far from fat! You look great!

b) I know the feeling well - I was doing weight watchers, which works, but I find it so hard to stick to with a toddler! Let's work on it together!

Los Diaz-Salvioli o Salvioli Diaz? said...


Pienso que ya has dado el primer paso al tomar menos coca cola. Eso te va a ayudar. Yo te entiendo cuando dices que es dificil conseguir la motivacion. Creo que mas que motivacion, lo que nos pasa es que al final del dia estamos agotadas. No es facil coordinar ejercicios, con trabajo, 2 ninas y tu el posgrado. Como dice Marianna, ponte una meta: 10 minutos, 3 veces a la semana. Y luego vas aumentandolo. Eso es lo que yo trato de hacer. No es facil, pero segun Marianna, una vez que uno logra hacer ejercicios por 2 semanas ya agarra la rutina. Suerte!

Meagan said...

I can relate show much right now!! When I got pregnant with Hailey in 06' I weighed 116..two kids later I weigh 160 and cant lose this weight...well not like Im trying... :-( waah

PS I think you look awesome!!