Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish list...

So, I recently got an iPad2 and now I'm restructuring my wish list.. there are so many things I want and it helps to write them down to get organized.. These are two things to add:

Firs off, I want a Canon 7D camera.. it takes such awesome pictures and the images are so clear on the preview screen... Ahhh! what a great camera! The issue is that it is over $2000 and switching to Canon would mean I'd have to replace my Nikon camera and all of my lenses, which are worth over $3000. I would also have to buy a few lenses for the new camera and all of the related accessories...So, needless to say, this item on my wish list, will remain unfulfilled for a while!! oh well!

Another item of my wish list, is a trip to Italy... Ever since I visited France and Spain, I got the urge to travel to Italy as well. We didn't get a chance to visit last year, but we have serious plans to go either this Fall or next Spring. I'm dying to visit Rome, Venice and Florence, among many other wonderful places in that amazing country....any takers??


Mari said...

Estoy dispuesta a heredar los lentes Nikon, jaja... No, la parte seria es q me avises si lo de Roma va, a ver si logramos vernos!!!

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

Mari! Lo de Italia esta en proceso de planes.. pero si es bastante posible.. depende de mi horario de la universidad y otros detallitos! seguro te aviso!