Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diaz sisters' birthday party

Yesterday we attended Isabella and Alessandra's birthday party at The Little Gym in Pembroke Pines...
Alessandra was turning 2 and Isabella was turning 4! It was so much fun!
These two little girls are some of my favorite people and so are their parents Hugo and Rosanna, awesome friends and amazing family!
The girls had a wonderful time and burned off some energy, which is always amazing!
Happy Birthday little girls!


Los Diaz-Salvioli o Salvioli Diaz? said...

GRACIAS!!!! :) Me dio risa como Isa y Oli se veian cuando estaban cantando cumpleanos! Esas dos se quieren! :)

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

Si.. eso es amor puro!!! ja ja!