Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swim Class!

My little lady started swim class this week and let's just say it has been rather "interesting"...
The first day was great.. she seemed to love the water and apparently she really enjoyed the first lesson.. she left that day wanting to come back for another lesson!
...and then came the second day when the professor asked her to go under the water and swim in the "superman" position... oh my! can we say meltdown?? She started crying hysterically and didn't stop until she actually came out of the pool... it was insane!
The next day she cried again and told me she doesn't want to go back...
Unfortunately for her, the classes are every day and will last at least another month!
I hope it gets better! ;)


I Just Love You said...

that is why we are starting rachel now! :)

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

Good idea Maggie! Olivia gets hysterical every time we come near the pool! Insane!!

Los Diaz-Salvioli o Salvioli Diaz? said...


Tu te conoces los cuentos de Isa asi que paciencia. Ignacio nos conto que ya en el carro habla de la clase, esa es buena senal. Nos dijo que quedo fascinada de que pudo agarrar el objeto debajo del agua. Ya le esta agarrando el gusto a la clase. Paciencia y constancia!