Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gaby is 23 months!

This is it! Last month before her 2nd birthday! Gaby will soon be a 2-year old little girl.. when did this happen??'s so crazy! It feels like just yesterday when I held her for the first time and now she's another little person.. with her own ideas, tastes and likes.. crazy, huh?
Gaby is such a fun little girl.. she's extremely ingenious and entertaining... such a trip!
She talks A LOT and is very coherent and extremely vocal... she gets her way almost every time and I actually let her!
She loves music, singing and dancing and enjoys coloring and playing with her sister...
She also loves to go out and hang out with her grandparents and her cousin....
Gaby is nowhere near ready to potty train... we've tried the "naked thing" a few times, but we always end up with a pee mess either on the floor or the couches...needless to say.. it's not fun at all!
One thing she DID tackle is the pacifier.. After I wrote about her regressing on it, she completely dropped it one day and never even asked for a pacifier again! She is now free of the pacifier "vice"... and she did it pretty much on her own! I'm so proud!
I hope to start training her after her 2nd birthday... We also plan to enroll her in day care once Olivia starts VPK in August.. she seems to enjoy being with other kids and meeting new people.. so that's the plan!
Happy 23 months Gaby!!

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