Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Baby fever" no more!

If you have followed my blog for at least a few months, you might remember this post, where I spoke about my desire to have another child and how torn I felt about the decision...
Well, I must say that a few months have made a huge difference in my perspective regarding whether or not to add to our family...
I can proudly say that I am ENTIRELY convinced that two kids is PLENTY and that I have reached the point where I am TOTALLY content and satisfied with my two beautiful girls... "baby fever" NO MORE!
I have scheduled an appointment with my ob/gyn to discuss the steps to get the Essure procedure done; this is a permanent procedure that will make me sterile forever!  Sounds drastic, right?
Well...I am coming to terms with our decision and happy with the way life is right now!  Babies are cute and all, but traveling is way more fun... with more than 2 kids, life would be too hard!  Iggy, of course, wholeheartedly agrees with me...we're so ready to close the "baby" chapter in our family book!  Our family is finally complete!

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I Just Love You said...

we are done too and i'm taking steps to "ensure" that as well when this baby is born. :)