Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gaby is 25 months!

My little bebe is 25 months today! Just one month ago we were celebrating her birthday and I'm already counting down another month!
Gaby is TOUGH!  She has become so whiny and so hard to handle... Granted, she's very sweet whenever she wants to be, but she's going through a very tough phase, where she wants everything her way, whenever she says so...
She loves music, loves cartoons, loves gum, popcorn, cookies and junk food... We try to avoid it all, but she gets so mad when we say no!
She has become even more obsessed with her sister and basically imitates her every move.. it's really crazy...
She will be starting pre-school next Monday and I'm really excited for her... we'll see how that goes!
Happy 25 months, Gaby!

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