Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So.. I'm back to running.. or at least pretending to run..which is always a great idea.. right?
My lovely husband has motivated to get my butt in shape by doing some sort of exercise.. and it doesn't get easier than walking/jogging/running.. so that's what I'm doing...
I started yesterday by walking/jogging a whooping 1.27 miles WHILE pushing the stroller with BOTH girls in it... impressive, right?...mmm.. I didn't think so.. My average pace was 16 min/mile, which literally SUCKS!! I ended up exhausted and with mosquito bites all over my (our) body (ies) since the run was at night, while it was 80 degrees outside... (yeap.. 80+ in November).. ah!
Today I had the bright idea (not) to run at noon... What was I thinking??  Well.. I guess I was NOT thinking.. Instead of 80 degrees it was almost 90 and super sunny... I still managed to walk/jog/run 2.1 miles at a pace of 14 minutes per mile.. a LITTLE better than yesterday but not much!
Either way, it feels great to be back on the exercising wagon.. MUCH needed...
Wish me luck!

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