Monday, July 30, 2012

Tennis camp

My husband Iggy started playing tennis at the young age of 9.  He developed into a great tennis player and his great skill even payed his college career.. He was team captain for the ETSU (East Tennessee State University) for some years and won a lot of awards for his athletic accomplishments...
With that said, it's only natural for him to want his kids to play tennis too... so they will (or so he plans).
Today Olivia started what Iggy hopes will be her great tennis career.. We registered her in a local tennis camp and she had her first formal lesson today... She will be attending every day until school starts..
Iggy was there to cheer her on and he was so proud of her.. He was especially happy since she apparently enjoyed it a lot...(I hope it stays this way)
We'll see what her future holds as far as tennis goes.. I'm sure it'll be quite the ride! ;)
Here's a couple of pictures of today's lesson..

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