Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas and stuff....

Ahh!! I absolutely LOVE Christmas season and the whole month of December.. it's just so joyous, colorful and plain HAPPY...
We finally got our tree this past weekend and I'm proud to say the girls were very involved in the process..They helped me pick out a tree and even put half the ornaments on it.. it was cute and definitely exciting to see that they're already at an age where they can help me and enjoy it too!
Here's the girls posing at the tree place...they were quite happy..

..on Saturday night we went to Gulftream's Symphony of Lights show, which is an awesome display of dancing lights that takes place every year at The Village At Gulfstream in Hallandale, FL...the show iso so awesome and of course we love the Christmas spirit.. too good!
Here's a picture of us at the festival.. my face looks unusually round in this picture..(I definitely need to lose a few a LOT of pounds soon!)... either way it's a cute family picture, or so I think! ;)'s our tree.. beautiful as always.. ;)

...and our handmade Christmas stockings, which I absolutely LOVE!

..and last but not least, here are a couple of pictures of our naughty  nice elf, Mamma Mia, who has been a hit with the fun is this!! this Christmas thing is awesome.. I wish December was longer! 
Enjoy it, people!... it goes too fast!!

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