Thursday, July 18, 2013

Movie review: "Turbo"

I will go ahead and admit that whenever I see a non-Disney movie, or a non-established franchise I am a little skeptical at first... Such was the case of "Turbo".
But it was Olivia's birthday yesterday and she begged me to take her to the movies so I obliged... and I'm glad I did!
"Turbo" was a great an AMAZING surprise.. wow! what a great movie.. one of those that will sure be added to our movie collection once it comes out in DVD... We loved it so much!
Turbo is about a snail that lived his life dreaming about being a racer; all his friend snails made fun of him for having this dream! Then something magic happens and Turbo finds himself racing in the Indy 500.
He meets some great people along the way, which make his adventure even better!
The movie has a great plot, which is fun and inspirational at the same time.  It is also simple enough for kids to follow and entertaining enough for adults to get into it.
The characters are flavorful and colorful and the soundtrack is really good.  This movie features voice overs by some awesome actors like Ryan Reynolds and Paul Giamatti among others.
It also has a great message "No dream is too big and no dreamer too small"... it was definitely a "feel good" movie... very enjoyable.
So although I will admit that I had my reservations (too boyish? too boring? too weird?), I'm so glad I listened to Olivia and saw it.. It gets 4 out of 4 stars in my book! So worth it! 

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