Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Break: Week 7

Week 7 was a very eventful week, definitely fun and full of excitement. 
The girls went to Naples with their grandma for a few days and Iggy went away on a business trip, so I had some "me" time, which turned into some fun times with friends. 
I took a "Small Desserts" class with a few girlfriends and learned to make some delicious cakes, creams and other yummy stuff... such a fun time!

My mother in law sent me some pictures of the girls while they were away. 
I missed them so much, so it was great to get daily pictures of my two beauties having fun... 
They had so much fun at the beach and it definitely showed in their pictures...

After they came back, Olivia spent some time drawing and coloring, which she really enjoys. 
She has become quite the artist and I'm so proud of her for her creativity and vision.  I'm sure she will do great things with these skills!

And to close out the week, we went to Zoo Miami with my sister, niece and uncles. 
The weather was crappy and hot, but somehow we managed to enjoy it despite the dreadful sun (hello Miami!). The girls had a fun time seeing their favorite animals and we enjoyed the nice family time. 
It sure is fun to pedal a safari bike with the family!

It's crazy to see how fast this summer has gone by!
We have enjoyed family visits, parties, summer camps and many more things...and there are still 3 weeks left!
Tomorrow the girls will be going back to gymnastics summer camp and they are very excited about that. 
Happy Summer, everyone! ;)

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