Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Break: Week 6- Birthday Party revisited

This week was all about birthdays and parties and all the excitement that comes along with two little sisters celebrating their special days!
I have already blogged about each birthday and what we did on each day, so there's no need to retell that...
Weather wise, the week was pretty crappy since it was raining nearly every day so the mood was just "gloomy".  I was very close to canceling the party due to the weather, but I'm glad I didn't...
Apparently the rain gods decided to be nice to me and there was not one drop of water during the girls' party.  The sun was shining and everyone was so happy about it. 
The girls had a great party with over 100 guests in attendance.  They were able to bathe in the pool with their friends and everything turned out so amazing!
Here are some pictures...

This is our beautiful cake, made by my friend Antonieta... such a cute creation!

The kids were scattered all over, so only about a quarter of them are in the picture.. We had over 45 kids, so you can imagine all the fun these girls had!

Thank you, everyone for coming to the party.  Thank you for your company and for all the beautiful gifts for the girls. 
With only 4 weeks left of summer, we're gearing up for school.  Most shopping is already done and the girls are enjoying their last few weeks of freedom!
This week, they will be going on a trip to Naples with their grandma and mommy will be resting a bit. 
Happy summer!

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