Thursday, May 1, 2014

Europe with kids: Our visit to Helsinki

The second city we visited during our European trip was Helsinki, Finland. 
Even though I am aware that Helsinki isn't necessarily a "popular" vacation spot, we had a very specific purpose of visiting family members and I am very glad we did!
Helsinki is such a beautiful city, filled with wonderful architecture and beautiful scenery. 
Since we were visiting family, this part of the trip was much more relaxed; we were able to take it easy and spend some time at home enjoying the company of our cousin Enrique and his wonderful family. 
Helsinki is COLD! Wow! For us Floridians the weather was definitely extreme, but thankfully we were prepared with jackets and winter gear! :)

We walked around town and visited some of the most famous spots; by this stage of the trip the girls were already used to walking around and didn't whine as much (yay for no whining!). They seemed to be rather interested on the history of the building and enjoyed taking was quite the feast for this photo addicted mommy! :)

Here are pictures of some of the most interesting buildings we saw in Helsinki.  
The first one is the Kamppi Chapel of Silence, which is non-denominational praying chapel located in the center of Helsinki; I really enjoyed our time in this cute building....

Here I am in front of one of the buildings by famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto; he is a huge part of the history of Helsinki as far as architecture goes... his buildings were quite impressive....

These two are Morris and Mascot, two hairless cats who are the sweetest pets anyone could ever have. I had such a great time playing with these buddies!

Here's Iggy with his cousin Enrique aka Poika... He and his family were such great hosts, we really had a wonderful time in their home!

Here are some other pictures of us in Helsinki.  Even though it was cold, the days were sunny and extremely beautiful so this made for awesome pictures!

Us in front of the Helsinki Cathedral, one of the most iconic spots in Finland.

Souvenirs (and everything!) were SO expensive.  This is probably THE most expensive place I've ever visited. I'm talking 5 euros for a cup of coffee...I was seriously alarmed at the prices of everything... :/

Here we are at the Sibelius Monument, one of the most interesting structures we saw in Helsinki; it is located in a beautiful park where the kids could play and run around.  

Here are the kids at the "Angry Birds" park near Espoo, Finland; in case you didn't know, this popular game is actually from Finland so the Angry Birds are very famous in that country!

...and here are the kids saying good bye to their cousin Alex, who is one of the sweetest kids out there.  They were definitely so happy to spend so much time with him....

Thank you, Peña family for this amazing experience and thank you Finland for the wonderful memories! :)

Happy blogging.. more to come.. next stop.. BARCELONA!

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