Saturday, October 18, 2014

Movie review: "The Book of Life"

This is one of those movies which for some reason attracts certain audiences and others not so much; the theme seems to have a certain "target" and many have criticized its director saying it's "too folkloric".
Well, let me tell you dear readers, this is one of the BEST children's movie I have seen in a LONG time and it appeals to every possible audience, in my humble opinion! ;)
Even though the concept of the movie is based on the Mexican tradition of celebrating the "Day of the Dead" , this story is so well written that it is guaranteed to captivate every person of any age.
The movie contains several elements that are part of the Mexican (Hispanic?) culture, which some people might understand better than others, but the characters are so engaging and the movie is incredibly colorful and creative.
It is also loaded with beautiful messages about the afterlife and the idea that even if a person is (physically) gone, he/she is never forgotten as long as we keep their memories in our hearts.
The movie also features modern tunes that have been "tropicalized" (I am aware that is not a real word!), which makes it even better.  You will seriously love the soundtrack!
The plot develops around 3 friends (Joaquin, Manolo and Maria), who grow up together and go through many adventures as kids. As expected, both boys are in love with Maria and fight to win her heart, but Maria's heart is set on one of them and their love is pure and triumphant despite every tribulation (of course that is an extremely summarized version of the story, but I really don't want to spoil it for anyone).
All characters, scenes, songs and themes are age appropriate and the folkloric aspects of the movie are written with such gentleness that it tugs at the heart strings (in a good way!) of every person who watches.
I strongly recommend this movie to EVERYONE and I sure will be buying the DVD/Blu-ray as soon as it comes out.
4 out of 4 stars in my book! :)

**On a site note, this movie was extremely healing for me; it gave me this beautiful picture of the afterlife, where I believe my loved ones that have passed are currently enjoying their time**

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