Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Stories of a Happy Mom" is 6 years old!

My blog turns SIX years old today! Wow!  I will never forget the day I was sitting in front of my computer thinking of a special gift I could give to my children.  I've always wanted them to remember their childhood as intensely as they have lived it and to understand how intoxicating the love of a mother can be... So that day I thought about writing a blog for them with the intent of printing it out one day and giving it to them (in the form of a book) when they turn 18 years old...and that is STILL the plan!'s going to be a hell of a LONG book! LOL!
While my blog has evolved throughout the years, my children are STILL the main reason I keep it up. Every post I publish is for THEM and nothing more.  I will also say that it makes me very happy and humbled to know that some people find my life interesting enough to read my posts now and then and the encouraging comments from friends and others also keep me going and feeding this crazy adventure that is blogging!
It takes effort, dedication and TONS of inspiration to keep a blog so today I celebrate finding and having whatever it takes to keep this going, for as long as I am blessed to do so!
Happy Blogging and Happy Birthday, blog! :)

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