Saturday, March 14, 2015

Movie Review: "Cinderella"

The long awaited Disney action film finally came out yesterday and we, of course, had a special date to watch the premiere.
Cinderella is such a classic; a beautiful story that always makes my heart pump no matter how many times I watch it, but this live action version was so much better than I imagined!
The casting was absolutely on point and I really appreciated the fact that the actress that played Cinderella wasn't a "perfect" beauty but rather an angelic girl that was so beautiful precisely because she wasn't "perfect" and she embraced that.  Cate Blanchett did an incredibly job as the evil step mother and the rest of the characters were just as great! (especially Lucifer the cat!)
The costumes were incredible and Cinderella's blue dress was simply stunning (I couldn't believe her tiny waist, omg!); it really gave the movie a "magic" touch...and the glass slippers.. wow! those were just plain awesome!
The scenery came straight out of fairy tale heaven, everything was beautiful, the castle was majestic and the royal ball was as royal as they come...
I also really enjoyed the way the movie brought to life that "magic" scene where Cinderella is turned into a princess, mice turned into men and pumpkin into a grand carriage; thanks to modern technology and special effects, the Fairy Godmother scene was just perfect; it all looked so real and magical at the same time; that was, without a doubt, my favorite part of the movie and one where the whole audience was in awe.
I loved that all elements of the story, including the little mice, were included into this version; I will admit that before I saw it I was intrigued to see how things like talking mice would be incorporated...
Even though this version slightly deviates from the original story (a little more background is given about Cinderella's happy life prior to the evil step mother and the shoe that breaks is the one she kept instead!), I think the movie stayed very true to the classic and was incredibly heart warming. I really enjoyed the new angle to this classic and thought the movie was absolutely perfect.
When the movie was over, everyone was clapping so loudly; they definitely did a great job in building up those big moments including the final kiss between Cinderella and her prince.. great writing!
All in all, Disney didn't disappoint this time and Cinderella is the perfect family movie that I'm sure will be a hit for many years to come! This one gets 4 out 4 stars from me! Loved it!
And of course, the MOST important part of the movie is its message to all girls (and all people): "Always have courage and BE KIND!"

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