Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Long time no post...

Ever since I posted about our "surprise baby", I haven't been much of a good blogger and I feel completely guilty about that.
While I will not blame the pregnancy for my lack of blogging inspiration, I will say that I've done a lot of sleeping lately and that's probably because of my pregnant state, which has prevented me from writing since I can't really blog with my eyes closed! ;)  I promised I wasn't going to complain about the "perks" of being pregnant, but oh gosh am I exhausted!
The past few weeks have been fun; the nausea seems to have subsided (finally!) and I'm looking more like a fat/chubby/pregnant-ish girl; I've caught a few people looking at my bloat and I'm sure they're probably thinking something like "did she get fat? or does she have a tumor growing in her stomach?"...yeah.. it's funny to see people's faces sometimes!
The girls have about 55 days left of this school year and I still can't believe the summer break is upon us.. this year has really flown by and they are growing by the second.
Olivia will be having her First Holy Communion next month and we are so excited for her; it is such a big deal for all of us and I'm sure many tears of joy and pride will be shed on that day.  We are going to have a small family celebration that day so the planning has been a lot of fun!
This month Gaby also did her first lector job at mass; she read a beautiful passage from the Bible and it was so exciting to see her perform so well; it was such a proud moment for me! :)
I've got a bunch of cute pictures I've taken lately, so I will be doing a "photo dump" this week!
I also have a couple of giveaways to do on the blog soon; I will be raffling a "Sofia the First" DVD and a Tinker Bell movie, which is the most adorable one yet.
Stay tuned.. more coming this week! :)

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