Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This is 40!

A week ago my husband turned 40 years old! When I casually asked him "what has been your biggest accomplishment in life so far?", he quickly answered "marrying you!", to which I replied "no.. really! I'm serious!" and he said again without hesitation "I'm serious, YOU have been my biggest accomplishment"...he proceeded to elaborate and told me that everything that came after he met me has been part of the "happiest time of his life". I will admit to the fact that I never saw myself as someone's "accomplishment" so the concept he was trying to explain was a little hard to grasp. 
On another day, I asked him "what do people constantly thank you for?" and he replied "cleaning up!"; this was much less romantic and deep than our last conversation but his answer got me thinking... "do I thank him enough for everything he does for us?".. I felt weird and sad at the same time.. There he was, turning 40 and basically telling me that I'm the center of his world and all I thank him for is "cleaning up"?... While I'm sure he didn't mean to make me doubt myself as a wife and life partner, his answer really resonated and struck a chord so I decided to write this post, which will be part of this blog book that I will print one day...

My husband is a "workaholic" (or so I think!); he has a tendency to immerse himself in his job to the point of ignoring everything and everyone around him; if I had to name the one complaint I have about him, this would be IT! We bicker often because I feel like he works "too much" and his travel schedule is insane...
With that said, Iggy is also the most selfless and caring husband and father anyone can ask for.  He is loving, patient, gentle and incredibly helpful and we don't thank him enough for his dedication to our family (although we apparently DO thank him for cleaning up! LOL) . HE is the reason we are such a happy family, he provides for us, protects us, loves us and makes us proud every day and I can never thank God enough for putting this wonderful man in my path.
What this 40th birthday conversation taught me is that it's never enough to *think* something of someone because even if we spend all our waking hours together (and we really do!), Iggy is not a mind reader and I know showing him (and telling him) our thankfulness will come a long way. 
So, on the octave of your 40th birthday, I want to say THANK YOU Iggy for EVERYTHING you do and everything you are! You definitely do more than "cleaning up" and I see it and we feel it. 
We know you're here and our world is better because you're in it. Our kids are lucky to have you and I am blessed to call you my husband!
I hope you feel more appreciated by the time you hit 50..and thank you always for "cleaning up!" also are my BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT!

We love you, Iggy!