Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Oliver!!!

Our little Oliver is ONE today! To say this year flew by would be a serious understatement and I cannot begin to explain the amazing experience his first year has been for our family. 
When I found out I was pregnant with Oliver, all I did was cry.. I literally cried for half the pregnancy.. I felt lost, overwhelmed, shocked and a whole bunch of other things that weren't all that great. After a while (long while!) I started to feel the good stuff, the gooey, sappy feelings that come with the prospect of having a squishy baby. I was convinced that if God was sending us this gift, it HAD to be for a good reason, it HAD to be for the good of our family and it HAD to be because there was a HUGE purpose for this little person that would join our family. And boy was I right..oh so right! He quickly became the light of our lives...
In a short year, Oliver has rocked our world in ways we never expected; he has completed our family and is the piece to our puzzle we didn't even know was missing. He's the perfect addition to our family and despite all the challenges this year has brought (sleepless nights, endless exhaustion, change in family dynamics, etc!), I wouldn't change our life for anything in this world! I cannot express how thankful I am to God for sending us this beautiful and perfect little boy!
Oliver is quite the little baby (toddler?); he LOVES music, dancing and anything noisy. He is incredibly active and even though he doesn't walk yet, he can get around with his super fast crawling and smart cruising. He's into balls, figurines with big heads that he can bite off, wooden puzzles, remote controls, cell phones and pill bottles. He has a huge appetite and is addicted to yogurt, chicken and pasta..all kinds! We're also STILL breastfeeding and he's the epitome of a boob-a-holic! ;)
Oliver really enjoys attention and likes people to play with him, especially if those people are his beloved sisters, their bond is incredible and it's one of the most heart warming things of my days. He's such a loving little boy and I love his kisses and smooches; I really hope he's this cuddly when he's a teenager...

Here's a picture of the birthday boy with his cute little hat... 

For his birthday celebration, we had a small BBQ at home with our family and a few close friends. He was completely mesmerized by the birthday song and really loved being the center of attention. Here's a family picture!

Here's a collage of his monthly pictures that shows how much he grew and changed through the months...

...and here's a little stats poster I made for him.. basically a snapshot of his first year!

Happy 1st birthday Oliver! We hope you enjoyed your day. We LOVE you so so so so much!

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