Saturday, March 25, 2017


If somebody had asked me a year and a half ago if I could be a "boy mom" I probably would have said "no way", I still remember the moment I found out I was pregnant and how terrified I was...then a few months later when we found out it was boy, that fear just grew..I was so used to pink and bows and there I was getting ready to raise a little boy that showed up unexpectedly! I figure it sounds silly sometimes, but I was genuinely shocked and scared...

Fast forward to today and our little boy is turning 18 months! These 18 months have been undoubtedly among the most exciting of our lives and this little person, this God sent, gives us so much joy that I can't possibly put it into words...I knew God was good but He really outdid himself with Oliver...
He is the most energetic little guy but such a calm presence at the same time; somehow he relays such peace and manages to give out the most positive energy. He loves music and can bust the funniest's really funny to see him "shake his booty" whenever he hears any kind of music. 
He eats like a maniac and loves snacking throughout the day. Surprisingly enough he's still breastfeeding, which I never thought was possible but here he is, a boob-a-holic and proud of it; he usually goes around yelling "teta, teta" and pulling on my shirt demanding to be fed. I always thought I'd never be THAT mom who would "allow" that, but life happens and I just roll with it...

Oliver loves Mickey Mouse and he's already turning into a Disney fan like the rest of his family.  We have taken him to Disney a few times and by now he's a pro at the rides and thoroughly enjoys the action. 
He loves iPad, cell phones, remote controls, computers, keyboards and whatever is a NON toy; it's almost comical to see him walk past his gazillion toys and grab my cell phone instead; I've been tempted to give away all of his toys instead of piling them up in a corner but I still hold out hope that he'll get "into them" at some point!... a mother can only hope, right? He does like bouncing balls and an old tool box toy that we have...
He has recently gotten into a stage where he loves wearing hats, sunglasses and lanyards around his neck, he also gives this serious look that makes everyone laugh...the best "poker face" out there belongs to him!
As far as talking goes, he say a lot of words but still doesn't talk major sentences nor does he formulate clear ideas. I think he has some vocab down but still has a hard time making language associations or figuring out how to get his point across. 
I haven't started potty training yet, but it's next on my list. I have plans to start watching for signs of readiness and I already bought a little potty and a toilet seat...we'll see how that goes...
Oliver weighs around 30lbs and is about 33in tall, no exact measurements yet since his 18-month appointment isn't until next week but I'm sure my approximations are pretty accurate. 
Oliver loves his mom, dad and sisters and we all love him back.  We are so lucky to have been chosen to be his family and I can't wait to see what else is in store for us. 
I could write so much more about Oliver, but I'll just leave it at this..he is the MOST AMAZING little guy and I can't thank God enough for sending him to us at just the "right" time, when we didn't "want it" but we most "needed it". 

Happy 1.5 Oliver! We LOVE YOU!!!!

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