Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gaby's First Holy Communion

Yesterday we celebrated Gaby's First Holy Communion, such a wonderful and special day for our family, especially for the CCD teacher in me. Seeing my little girl receiving the Body of Christ for the first time was among the most emotional moments of my life; she's such a pure and happy soul and we are so blessed to be able to share this moment with her. 

I'm not sure Gaby really understands what her first communion really means; for some reason I feel Olivia was a little bit more mature when she received hers even though she did at the exact same age.  Gaby is a little bit more scattered and she tends to send the wrong signals about a lot of things but I am completely confident that even if she didn't completely "get it", her heart was exploding with joy.  She's a very simple child; she wasn't worried about her dress, or her shoes or anything related to her celebration, all she was focusing on was the song they were going to sing and whether or not her voice sounded good or if she knew the sign language that accompanied said song; it was actually cute to see how many times she rehearsed that song when she thought no one was watching and she did so well!

Gaby was also worried about where she'd be standing for the group picture and whether or not her smile would look natural at the time of the picture. When it came time for the picture, she looked so happy and her smile was the most genuine of all, it was truly adorable. 

We had a small celebration with close friends and family and Gaby was the most beautiful girl ever!

Here's a picture a friend sent me of the moment Gaby received her first communion; I wish it was a little lighter but this will do until we get the one from the photographer....

So Gaby, please know that on this day you made us incredibly happy and proud.  You are one of the sweetest girls I know and I can only hope you continue to show the great personality that characterizes you.  We love you so much!!!

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