Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dear stalker...

I have recently discovered I have a "stalker", a person who obviously doesn't like me (and trust me, I'm totally fine with that.. I'm sure there are many others who don't like me) that visits my blog every so often in an attempt to make me miserable by criticizing what I write.. 
This person has recently written messages to my husband asking for me to please stop posting "happy" things...because, well, that's how some people are...
I'm sure that person will read this open letter at some point, so here it goes... 
**Edited to add: this is fortunately/unfortunately someone I know so there isn't any immediate danger to my family or I.**

Dear Stalker:
I am making a little parenthesis in my regular "happy" posting to let you know that you will not tarnish my happiness or the purpose of my blog!
I want to let you know that MY LIFE IS NOT AN ACT and I'm not in this world to please you or anyone that wishes to bring me down.  
The true story is that I am indeed a happy person with many good things and also many bad things; my family is not perfect but we strive every day to be the best version of ourselves we can be and I am not about to change the way I am or the way I live my life because you have decided to tell me what to feel or when to feel it, how to act and how to react; you simply don't get to do that and I am officially letting you know that you mean NOTHING to me or to my husband and you NEVER WILL!
I don't blog to make you or anyone happy and I couldn't care less about who gets annoyed by what I post or how often I post it.. don't like it? don't read it.. as simple as that...
Contrary to your belief, I don't make calculated moves and I am certainly not looking for anyone's approval and most definitely not yours!
I know you will read this and will take it personal.. please DO! This is all about YOU! It's all about the times I have stayed quiet while you secretly attack me and ridicule my life... it's about telling YOU that I will continue to write happy things because that's who I am and NOTHING will ever change that!
I am sorry your life is so miserable....mine isn't! ;)
Happy Blogging!


Audrey said...

You have a beautiful family and this person is obviously jealous of all the happy moments you create with your family! Never stop posting the good times!

Susan said...

Oh embarrassing for you. You sound like a mesrible person. How sad.

Herby said...

Thank GOD we are a Happy Family!!!
We are with GOD, and nothing bad will happen.
God Bless you always!!!