Monday, July 17, 2017


My little lady is turning 10 today and naturally my day has been a roller coaster of emotions. I have been reminiscing of that exact moment my life changed forever, the day God blessed me by making me a mother and entrusting me with such precious gift. I get so emotional just thinking of the first time I held her and the way she looked at me.
Olivia is the light of my life; she is one the most genuine and loving souls I know and she fills me with so much pride. Everything she does comes from a place of love and dedication and that makes me so happy!
She is incredibly caring, well mannered, funny, brilliant and just good all around.  She is also the best arguer you will ever meet and at the short age of 10 she has the ability to confront everyone with hard and well thought out arguments to get her point across.  I really love that she is so self confident and well rounded... I'm sure these will be great traits during her teen years..
She loves traveling, reading, writing and even cooking and is really growing into a beautiful young woman, she will be starting 5th grade soon and I know she will rock it! Olivia is also the best big sister anyone can ask for and even though she loves teasing her sister Gaby, I know she means well.
So today we celebrate our big girl who is now officially in the double digits. These birthday celebrations are getting so exhausting but the girls really know how to milk the fact that their birthdays are just a day apart... ha ha!

I cannot thank God enough for the wonderful children He gave us and for always blessing us with the right experiences that allow us to teach our children to love life and to always trust in the Lord. 

Happy birthday, Olivia.  We love you so much and we hope you know how important you are to this family. Thanks for always being you!

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Iggy Perez said...

I love my sholi bOli