Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Solo Trip Part 1: Ireland

Going alone to Europe was not what I planned for; this actually came up as a failed attempt to bring my mom along as a birthday make a long story short, her arthritis pain got really bad and she thought it was best if she didn't come, when I tried to postpone our trip I was informed that it would more expensive than what I had paid for the whole trip to begin with so I decided to go solo. 
The idea of traveling alone sounded refreshing, to be honest; even though it wasn't the original plan and I had never been away from the kids for that long, there was something about not having to worry about anyone but myself that sounded very appealing...and it was great!
The first place I visited was Dublin, Ireland. Although Ireland was never on my travel "bucket list", once my mom decided she couldn't travel (our original plan was to travel to Spain), I called one of my best friends and asked her if I could come visit her instead, to which she replied "of course!" and so I went...
Dublin is quite the city, with a contrast of modern buildings and classic architecture it is such an attractive and enchanting place.  I was lucky the weather was beautiful during my visit and despite Ireland's infamous damp and cloudy weather, the sun was shinning and it didn't rain at all while I was there. 
I toured the city like there was no tomorrow, hitting every iconic spot and delighting myself with countless hours browsing souvenir stores and walking around without a care in the world... it was great!
Among the things I noticed about Ireland is that it is a little pricey, public transportation is not stellar, beer is cheaper than water, Irish people are very superstitious and there are A LOT of sheep everywhere; also I learned that native Irish sheep have black faces instead of white and I thought that was a very cool fact. 

While in Ireland I took a tour to the Cliffs of Moher, which is Ireland's most visited natural attraction and I was in awe at the beauty of this natural wonder. It was relaxing to stand at the top of the cliffs and just take in all the energy and breeze coming from the ocean; quite the amazing experience.  Pictures don't do it justice, it is simply a beautiful place.

I enjoyed the picturesque fall landscapes around the city and learned a lot about Irish culture and everything the country has to offer. The Irish people I came across were always kind and welcoming and they really made me feel happy about visiting. The food was great and I enjoyed quite a few desserts that left my mouth watering. (Thank you, Mari)

But of course the most special part of my visit to Ireland was visiting with my friend Marianna.  We have known each other for over 30 years and I treasure any time I am able to spend with her. Marianna and her husband Placido were amazing guests; we spent lots of time catching up, telling stories and laughing, it was such a great time and I am forever grateful for their hospitality. You guys made my visit to Ireland much more memorable! Thank you! I love you guys! 

After Ireland, I headed to Spain and I will write about that on my next blog entry! 

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