Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling blue!!!

I'm feeling so blue today! Maybe it's the pregnancy blues!?? Maybe it's because hubby is out town and I feel lonely??
I'm so emotional today... I look at my daughter and all I want to do is cry! She's so precious...I wonder what my life would be like without her... mmmm... not as perfect as it is I'm sure...
Hubby left today for a business trip and I just hate being home alone... let alone sleeping in a bed that's half empty! Am I emotionally dependent? is that wrong? I know for certain he makes my day every day and I miss him terribly when he's not around...
Oh blue.. I feel so blue.. I miss you my love and you know I'm not the same without you! :(

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Celeste said...

You are not dependent at all! You are missing your husband, Your life partner that you; in front of God and family vowed to love and honor. Its okay to miss him believe me! When I read that he is away on business and then read your joy at having him back- I can tell how much you love him. Remember he always come back to you and Olivia and soon to your new little girl as well!