Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worried about my Grandma!

Dear family, friends and followers, as of yesterday, my grandma has been diagnosed with what could possibly be lung cancer.
She hasn't been feeling too well lately, so she went to the doctor and he found a large mass in one of her lungs, that is taking up about 95% of it. She has been having a lot of difficulty breathing and her heart also seems to be failing.
She has been admitted to the hospital today for additional testing and to seek possible treatment; we are all very worried about her because her health history is not that great. She has survived cancer twice and has had emphysema for a long time (even though she was never a smoker).
I spoke with her last night and she told me she felt "very sick"; I did not like her tone one bit and have been very sad since I last spoke with her. It is very difficult for me since she doesn't live in the US; she is currently in Venezuela and most of our family is here. It's very scary to think that she really has no family around her at this point.
I need all the prayers I can get for my dear Grandma, so please, if you read this, send a prayer her way for the best possible outcome to this situation!

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Meagan said...

My family and I will be praying for your grandmother.