Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas and blog neglect!

So, I have officially neglected my blog for over a week, which is unheard of (for me at least)..
I have been so busy with the holidays, I'm on vacation, Olivia is off from school, etc.. so I do have a lot of "valid" excuses... but I'm back!
Christmas morning was great.. Olivia got a bike from Santa and she was more than excited.. Santa came a day early because we were going to Orlando, so the gifts were given on the 24th in the morning.. Here she is with her bicycle.. she was so proud of it..

On the 24th, we drove to Orlando, where we had rented a house in a very nice neighborhood... The house had 4-bedrooms and it was so spacious.. the girls had an amazing time..
Christmas eve was so much fun.. We exchanged gifts and had a nice dinner...

On Christmas day we went to Celebration, a town close to Orlando.. It was designed by Disney and it is such a great place for families.. They had a bunch of games, including synthetic snow for the kids to play in.. The weather was chilly but it was wonderful...

On the 28th, my parents kept the girls for a day and we went to Islands of Adventure @ Universal... It was so much fun.. we hadn't gone in roller coaster rides in so long, so needless to say we had a wonderful time... I have to say that it was freezing.. so the weather "almost" ruined our fun day...

...then, as our vacation was coming to an end, we went to Lakeland, which is a beautiful town in Central Florida.. the scenery was just beautiful and we had such a great time walking around and enjoying the beautiful day...

..then we came back home and we're living reality again!!
I will post most stories and pictures next year! ha ha!

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