Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Olivia!!!

My other beauty is 4 today! Wow! I can't believe that 4 years ago I became a mother to such an amazing little person...
Olivia is like the perfect daughter...she's smart, sassy, loving and so beautiful...she makes me smile every day...and then some!
She loves music and is a fantastic belly dancer... loves to dress up, loves make up, dresses and anything girly...(she has taught her little sister well)...
She is a great big sister, so protective of little Gaby and sets such a good example for her (for the most part)...
She has a mind of her own and can be very stubborn sometimes..
She knows all her letters and can write them very well..She's also starting to ready two and three syllable's pretty neat..
She is now 40.5 lbs and 42 big and healthy!
I love her more than words can say and I'm so proud to be her mother!
She will be starting VPK in August and I'm sure that'll be so fun!
Happy Birthday, Olivia!
I will update more later, after her big party!

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