Sunday, September 11, 2011

A decade ago...

A decade ago, our whole world changed when some mean spirited individuals, driven by the forces of evil, decided to attack the World Trade Center in New York by hijacking 3 planes.  The planes crashed in 3 different sites in the United States and the human loss was tremendous... Almost 3000 lives were lost that day and many more thousands of people were affected by the attacks.. I'm sure I don't need to retell the story since I'm convinced everyone remembers that day like it happened yesterday!
Well, today it's 10 years since that horrific day, it has been a day of remembrance and bittersweet emotions.. We all remember and mourn the lives that were lost as well as the day our world changed.
We will no longer feel safe in our homeland, and will no longer take life for granted.. We will always thank GOD for every blessing, every smile, every day and every second...
God Bless America! Forever and ever!

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