Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The end of an era

Ever since Olivia was 4 months old she took to thumb sucking.. and I'm talking PASSIONATE thumb sucking, she would suck to the point where anyone around her could hear a loud sucking noise and her thumb seem to have been falling off (dermatitis and callous skin included).. 
When she was a baby, this wasn't a big deal and I must admit I even thought it was the cutest thing ever... it was also very convenient since we didn't have to worry about popping a pacifier in her mouth.. sounds perfect, right?
Well, fast forward two, three, four years and she was still going at it like there was no tomorrow.. it drove me nuts.. I even took her to a dentist and she said there wasn't any secret formula for her to drop the habit and that her maxillary bone is probably already screwed up...(Braces, anyone?)
So I stopped worrying (or so I said) about it and she just kept on sucking!...  until 5 days ago when she decided to stop on her own.. She dropped the habit and hasn't looked back.. I'm in still in shock but after almost a week, I am convinced that this the end of an era.. NO MORE THUMB SUCKING!!  I seriously never thought I would be able to say this.. it sounds so unreal.. but it is happening... wow!
Kids are just a box full of surprises! Bye-bye thumb! It was fun while it lasted...not!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh that last photo is so adorable!

Funny that she just gave it up like that.

BrookesMommy said...

So cute! I always heard they give up the thumb when they're ready - I guess that's true! Way to go, Olivia!!