Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meeting baby Samantha

Today I *finally* got to meet baby Samantha, who was born on June 19th to my friends Luis and Valentina.  Samantha joined big brother Daniel, who turned 3 in April and she is the perfect addition to the Rambsbott family...
I hung out with her and Valentina today and I got to hold and squeeze this precious newborn.  She is so cuddly, tiny and sweet and is already smiling and cooing a lot. It was so awesome to rock her to sleep and feel her baby scent....
How does someone NOT get baby fever with so many babies around???  :)
Here's a picture of the baby and I... way too cute!

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Deanne Jo said...

What a sweet baby!! :) Maybe you should add another little one to your family! ;) That would help satisfy the baby fever, hehe!