Friday, August 17, 2012

The power of "cyber" friendships

I met my husband online so I'm clearly a believer of "cyber" relationships and friendships.. I think the Internet is such a powerful tool and a great way to meet people... While it does have certain limitations, it also has amazing benefits...
The "What to Expect" pregnancy forums, for example, were such a blessing to me in so many levels..Not only did they get me through two very emotional and long pregnancies, but they also served as a channel for meeting some of the most amazing women I know..
To this day, I share many very powerful "cyber friendships" with some great girls, whom I inevitably consider part of my life (and I part of their lives).. As a matter of fact, if you're reading this, chances are you are one of those women and I'm so thankful to "know" YOU!
Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity of meeting yet another WTE girl in person..yay! (I love this IRL encounters)
My friend Lauren (whom I met during my 2nd pregnancy), came to Miami with her husband Jereme.. They live in Connecticut with their two girls (3 and 1)..and although the kids didn't come to Miami with them, it was still great to meet 1/2 of the Christensen family! ;)
After talking to Lauren for almost 4 years (WTE, Facebook, text messages, etc), we finally met and our encounter couldn't have been more exciting and amazing.. She is just as sweet as I had imagined and I felt like we clicked right away... We talked for hours and really enjoyed each other's company.. It definitely felt like we've been friends for years (which, ironically, we have.. just not in person!)  It is such a joy to have friends like Lauren, and an even bigger joy to get to meet these people in person...
Thank you, Lauren.. for taking the time to hang out with us during your quick trip to Miami...

With that said, I can only hope I have the opportunity to meet even more WTE girls in person and continue to forge amazing friendships that will last for a life time.. Thank you WTE girls for being part of my life during all these years!

Here's a couple of pictures of Lauren and I!  ;)

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Lauren C. said...

I felt the same way Adriana! I loved you in person just like I knew I would! :) Jereme and I loved getting the opportunity to meet you and Iggy. He's a great guy too! Thanks so much for treating us to dinner and showing us such a great time in Miami!