Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years have passed....

...11 years have passed since the most tragic terrorist attacks in our history..and not a year goes by without the world reliving the very same feelings of loss, vulnerability and mourning...
Today is a sad day for America.. it's a sad day for the world...
Thousands of lives were lost on September 11th, 2001 and those lives were honored again today through the many memorials that went on around the world, especially in New York City...
Sadly, 11 years later, the world still hasn't learned the lesson and many wars continue to be fought and lives continue to be lost.. Political disagreements and differences in perspectives still plague the precious peace that we need...
I will always remember 9/11, especially the lives that were lost and what that day meant for the world...
A friend of mine, who's an excellent writer, published this on her FB page and I thought it was brilliant so I'll share. (Thank you, Antonella Regueiro, for a wonderful piece)

"Always remember… Not where you were at the moment the planes hit. Not where you stood at the moment they collapsed. Not the number of deaths. Not what you felt. Not the call to arms. Not the declaration of war.

Remember instead the why.
Remember that this fateful day was decided in the darkness of intolerance. That the actions executed were the ministrations of hatred. That the people who died, d
id so in the name of a God who would condemn the action that ceased them. That this war has been fought for ideals which cannot be changed by bullets.

Remember instead that love can heal. That education is essential. That acceptance is required. That differences cannot determine us. Remember that we are all, in the end, together in the battle of life — regardless of creed, color or tribe.

Do not remember the screams, the tears or the hollowness that overcame us. Not the dust, nor the ashes.

Remember instead that together we have overcome. That America means more. That we have prevailed and ripped apart the veil of evil. Remember that we have sewed each others’ hearts, and bandaged each others’ open wounds. Remember that the scar unites us.

Always remember that eleven years ago, the shadow of an “us vs. them” mentality, became the premise for such sorrow. Remember that those who died will not have died in vain, if we remember why…

Intolerance. Remember that.

Remember them — from the towers, to the planes, to the fields of Baghdad. All blood spilt because of a 'why'.

Remember that.
Forget the hate.
Always in our hearts"

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