Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wake me up when September ends!!!

"Wake me up when September ends"...that has been the theme of this month for me.. literally.. I'm so exhausted and have been so busy.. I haven't had time to blog much so my presence in the blogosphere has been little to none...
But I'm here and September is almost over, so hopefully things will get back to normal as far as blogging goes...
This month has been so overwhelming as we continue to adjust to school and all the things that come with it.. Olivia has been doing a lot better as far as behavior goes, but she still has her days and teacher complaints aren't over... pffff!  Gaby is loving her school and loves all of her classmates..she's really maturing in this whole process.
I spent most of the month preparing for my comprehensive exam (the last piece needed for my master's degree)...I finally took the exam this past Saturday so I'm still waiting for my grade and degree conferral...I hope to have some happy news to share in the weeks to come!
We've been to birthday parties, play dates, pools and other sure has been a fun month..
Here's a few pictures of my girls on this month of September..

Play date with the Diaz sisters.. always fun!

...and finally, this is Olivia's art work for "Johnny Appleseed" Day.. fun stuff!

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