Thursday, September 20, 2012

American citizen at last!

What a joyous day for our family... the day when Iggy finally became an American citizen!
After 18 years in this country and countless numbers of visas and immigration processes, my dear husband finally achieved his life long dream of becoming an American.. and we were there to celebrate with him! Yay!
I picked up the girls from school a little early so they could come to us... I dressed them in their all American outfits and gave each of them a flag.. they were so happy for their daddy!
The ceremony was very emotional and super special.. there were 187 people going through the process of naturalization, so many tears were shed...
For any immigrant, becoming an American is one of the biggest moments in life.. and it was for Iggy...
He proudly pronounced his citizen Oath and the Pledge of Allegiance...
Congratulations, Iggy! We love you and I'm so happy for you!
Here's a few pictures of Iggy's special day!

I ordered a special cake for him and we had a little celebration at our home...

..can you tell he was happy?? Oh yeah! Happy is an understatement! :)

...and the best part? Now he can VOTE!!!!

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