Monday, September 9, 2013

A lesson on "giving"

Don't you just love it when your kids teach you lessons??  I know I do (no, really, I do!), especially when those lessons entail some sort of moral message that somehow reassures me that as a mother I'm doing SOMETHING right...
So, here's the background to this.. Olivia is growing up to be somewhat of a "frugal" individual; she's definitely a "saver".. every time she comes around any amount of money (whether it's a penny or a dollar), she just puts it away... On the first day of school she had an activity where she had to fill in the blank: "If I had a million dollars I would ______", her response?  "Save it all"... I must admit her answer made me giggle a little bit, but it also made me proud.. I wonder if she really gets what a MILLION DOLLARS mean..

Yesterday we were playing Bingo at my mom's house... to make it a little more exciting, each player would have to "bet" a 25 cents per round.  My mom would put in Olivia's quarter and if she happened to win, they would split the earnings.  Olivia won once and she got a whooping $1.25, which meant A LOT of quarters (a lot for her, anyways).  She proudly grabbed her money and put it in her little pocket.  She said to me with a huge smile on her face "more money for my savings".. and I said "hooray!"....
After the family gathering we went to the 7pm mass, where  to my surprise, my little lady decided to put all of her quarters in the collection basket.  Without any hesitation she pulled the 5 quarters out her pocket and just dropped them in the basket... I looked at her and said quietly "I thought you were going to save that?"...and she smiled and said "I'm sure the church needs it more than I do"...and just like that, she showed me how detached she really was from her possession and how willing she was to give all she had.
It was so amazing to see how proud she was but also how natural giving felt to her... when we walked out of the church, I said "I'm so proud of you for donating all your money" and her response was "mommy, it's not a big deal... money comes, money goes"... Is she really 6 years old?  Sometimes I can't believe that such a little mind can think so big!
My daughter gave me the biggest lesson on giving... she taught me that no possession is little enough or big enough... she taught me that giving comes from the heart...and most importantly she taught me how pure her soul is and how sensitive to the needs of others a child can really be....
...and that's reason #195408024547 why I ADORE this kid!
Thank you, Olivia.... for making me a better mother with everything you do! :)
Thank you, God for blessing me with such a generous and loving child!

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