Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Send Cheer to Teachers"

It would be fair to say that all of us have at least one teacher that has impacted our life in one way or another. It would also be fair to say that most of the work teachers do goes unnoticed and is definitely under appreciated; my sister is a kindergarten teacher and she makes sure to tell me every day often how HARD it is to do what she does. She also, of course, tells me how rewarding her job is and how much she loves each and every one of her students. 
So, to help say thank you to the 6.2 million teachers in the US, Cheerios is launching its "Send Cheer to Teachers" program as a simple way to show your appreciation to your favorite childhood teacher or your child's current teacher. 
As a blogger, I am happy to help promote this program and share this wonderful initiative with all of my readers and visitors.  I believe it is great to be able to "cheer" teachers all over the country and send words of appreciation to all those wonderful people who work tirelessly to help educate our children. 

How it works:
* Locate a specially marked Cheerios cereal box in your grocery store now through mid-October, 2013.
* Cut out the postcard found on the front of the box
* On the back-side of the postcard, write a message of appreciation or a simple "thank you"
* Share Cheer with your favorite teacher

Teachers spend on average $398 of their own money on supplies and resources, and 92% of teachers use their own money to provide supplies for their students, according to the National School Supply and Equipment Association.  Cheerios, together with the Box Tops for Education program, is offering parents a way to help alleviate this burden with a Send Cheer to Teachers sweepstakes. 
Now through July 17th, 2014, parents can enter for a chance to win one of five prize packages for their child's school, with a grand prize worth $10,000. 
For more information, please visit

So let's join this initiative and "cheer" our favorite teachers!
Thanks you, Cheerios for thinking of all these awesome educators!!

Disclaimer: General Mills has provided this blogger with product samples and/or coupons. 

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