Monday, September 30, 2013

Lately... from a slacking blogger!

Between work, school and the kids' activities, I feel like I barely have time for myself let alone to sit down and blog about it...BUT I do love my blog and I'm committed to updating it for my girls, so here I am.. back at it...
Lately, we've been up to some fun and games as usual.. the girls are certainly enjoying their school year and all the fun (and responsibilities) that come along with it...
They've been getting ready for Halloween and enjoying all the crazy decorations in every store!

Gaby has grown up insanely fast in the last few months.. I feel like her face doesn't resemble a "little girl" anymore, and she is definitely developing a personality to back it up! 

Olivia lost her 6th tooth (yes, 6th!!!) and she has been banking it with all the "donations" from the Tooth Fairy, who has been rather generous with her... She has saved over $40 and is determined to keep every dollar in her wallet...I'm so proud of her for saving instead of spending! (yay Olivia!)

Here she is on Johnny Appleseed day, the same day she lost her 6th tooth...coincidence? Maybe.. I'm sure bitting those apples did the trick! :)

On other news.. my BFF became an American citizen last week, after 17 long years and countless visas! I was so happy to be there to witness such "historic" event! Congrats, "gringa" will make a great American! 

...and of course, seasonal cookie eating and fun birthday parties are still part of our routines!  How awesome is that!?  Here are some pics....

The girls at Emily's 6th birthday party @ Little Pinkies Girls Spa

...and here they are at Calixto's 5th birthday pool party!  Did I mention Gaby is on a Ninja Turtle craze now? Yes.. totally hilarious.. I love her! 

...and that's what this slacking blogger has been up to lately.. and the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party.. oh yeah... I need to blog about that too!

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