Friday, December 6, 2013

Overdue Thanksgiving post and a few other adventures...

We all know how busy this season is.. time seems to fly by and I always seem to hop on the procrastinator's wagon! Ugh! 
Anyways..this procrastination also seems to affect by blogger personality and here I am posting about Thanksgiving more than a week later.. oh well.

On Thanksgiving day, I spent HOURS cooking and even though I will always question whether or not it's worth it, I really enjoy seeing my family's reaction to my food...
So, I made a whole turkey from scratch along with a ton of casseroles and side dishes... all very delicious if I say so myself! :)

We did *some* Black Friday shopping and the girls had a blast at the mall.. and no I didn't brave crazy crowds at wee hours of the morning, we just went to the mall around 5pm.. does that count as Black Friday shopping? LOL

And here are a few silly pictures of the last days of November and first ones of December.  We've been to a few birthday parties and as usual, they girls have really enjoyed time with their friends..

I ran a 5K Turkey Trot on the Saturday after Thanksgiving! yay!

..and a few more pictures...

Gaby started dance class and she seems to be enjoying it!

... and that's all for now.. 
I'm sure I will be posting about our fun December adventures in the weeks to come.
I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful season!
Happy Blogging! ;)

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