Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Movie review: "The Wolf of Wall Street"

It had been a while since I've had the chance to see an "adult", non-animated film with no kids in tow, so I had very high expectations for the experience.
We decided to see the latest Scorsese film, "The Wolf of Wall Street", which has been by far the biggest disappointment I've had lately.
I will start by saying that I am well aware that Scorsese films are usually raunchy and raw so I definitely went into it with that mindset, but not even that could prepare me for what was coming...
The movie revolves around Jordan Belfort (Leo DiCaprio), who is a self proclaimed money hungry "wolf" making a living off selling penny stocks to naive investors and doing whatever illegal transaction he has to make in order to be rich.
Him and his "friends" live a lavish life, full of flashy possessions and wild partying. They end up being investigated by the FBI and the movie depicts (or tries to) the rise and fall of their "empire" along with the ins and outs of stock brokers...
Although the premise of the story may sound promising, the movie was total crap. The vulgar language was way over the top and the sex and drug scenes were rather offensive, so much so that this movie could qualify as porn (or soft porn?). The story line was poorly told and all the raunchy scenes were redundant and mediocre.  Additionally, the movie was unnecessarily long (3 HOURS!) and just overall very dense, not enjoyable at all.
I will admit to some good acting by Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, where you could really appreciate the passion of each them had for their characters, but the whole movie was just a waste of my time and I wish I could get those 3 hours back....
This movie gets 1 out of 5 stars from me.. only because some of the soundtrack was decent and the actors did a great job at making this a horrible film!

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