Friday, January 17, 2014


Today is the 6 1/2 birthday of my first born, my "little lady", one of the most beautiful and sweetest little girls I know. 
Ever since she was born, Olivia has always kept me on my toes; she is inquisitive, active, creative and VERY energetic. It's always never ending fun with her and she makes me laugh so much every day. 
Olivia is also very smart; she is one of the top students in her class and her best subjects are reading and art; she also enjoys sports and is especially good at tennis (daddy is very proud of this!)
She enjoys music very much and has been playing the piano for a few months; she also got a guitar for Christmas and will be starting lessons very soon. 
Olivia has also grown into a very religious little girl; she makes up beautiful prayers and really seems to take to her Catholic faith; we're so blessed to be able to provide her with this beautiful grounds for her future. 
This little girl can also be very headstrong and extremely hard to convince.  She is very moody and tends to go from total happiness to total misery within seconds.  I think she might have a career in acting too because some of her tantrums are definitely Oscar worthy.. LOL.. I still love her the same and we have learned to live with this. 
She LOVES pictures, dressing up, hair accessories and everything girly.. she could literally wear 5 outfits in one day and still have room for more!
I am so happy to have Olivia in my life and I can never thank God enough for making me her mother.  I pray that I will be with her many years to see her flourish into such a special person!

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