Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Catholic Schools Week and 100 Days of School

Wow! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!!! It has been 12 days since my last post and I was seriously having "blogger withdrawal", if that's even a term!
Life has been hectic... VERY hectic and the kids' activities are very demanding.  We also might be moving soon so that has my mind very occupied as well...
So, considering I don't have that much time to spare, I will jump right into blogging about our life lately...

This week we celebrated "Catholic Schools Week", which is an event celebrated across all dioceses around the country; all Catholic schools plan a fun filled week and the kids get to connect with their faith. 
Olivia had a blast on her field day and I was lucky to volunteer with her class; the kids got to play around and do a lot of fun and interactive things with their classmates. 

Here's a picture of Olivia's class...the day was hot, but the kids had a blast!

Today it was the 100th day of school and Olivia made a great project in honor of the day. 
She came up with the idea of "Olivia's Sky", where she pasted 100 stars with a glittery moon; I love to see her creative side and she really enjoys all the compliments she gets! :)

Here's Olivia and her friends Alba and Emma during today's 100th day celebration...

..and here are my two babies with their certificates... they were so excited to be "100 days Brighter", how cute is this!?!?

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