Monday, January 13, 2014

My parents' 40th wedding anniversary

Yesterday my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary aka Ruby Wedding Anniversary...what a milestone.. easier said than done, that's for sure!
Every married couple knows that marriage takes work... even if you love your mate above all things, there will always be challenging days and sour moments...
But it's not about having a perfect life, but about knowing how to overcome whatever obstacle shows up and coming out stronger on the other side....
And that's how my parents have led by example.  I would be lying if I said their marriage has always been rosy and cheerful, but I would also be lying if I didn't say that their relationship is admirable in more than one way and for that and more, I love them and I love the fact they have been together for so long and I'm definitely looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with them. 

This is a cute picture of my parents' wedding day- January 12th 1974- I love their serious faces and their innocent eyes... they were just 21 and 22.. how young!

...and this is a picture we took yesterday during our celebration. 
They're as cute now as they were 40 years ago...

Happy 40th Anniversary, mom and dad!

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