Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Traveling jetBlue & Virgin America

This past weekend we traveled to San Francisco (post to come) and due to flight schedules, we used two different airlines for our journey. 
On the way to San Francisco, we flew Virgin America and then jetBlue on the way back. 
Even though I rarely review products and services on my blog, I feel compelled to talk about how wonderful these two airlines were during our trip and how special we felt as passengers in this day where most airplanes feel like cheap buses and more often than not, staff members on long flights aren't precisely peachy at all times. 
Virgin America's experience was definitely unique! The check in process was amazing as the staff was very friendly and attentive; they quickly wrapped up my car seats in a durable plastic bags and labeled everything very clearly.  They do charge $25 per bag, but the service is definitely worth it. I was traveling along with both girls (Iggy was already in San Fran) so the staff was particularly considerate and placed us in strategic seats (close to the front).  We were able to board before everyone else so that was definitely a huge plus.  The plane features very comfortable seats, a TV set in every seat and a very entertaining security video (cute jingle and all!).  Perfect experience! Highly recommended. 

On the way back to Florida, we flew jetBlue.  By this time we were all together (Iggy was coming back with us), so the experience was bound to be less traumatic. Again, check in process was prompt and courteous and this time, NO FEE for the bag; each passenger gets their first bag for free, which is awesome since most airlines do charge some. 
Again, the seats were incredibly comfortable and each had a TV set as well.  Service was great and again, the staff was very attentive to our needs as a family with young children. 

I am very pleased with the service that each of this airlines had to offer. 
We're frequent travelers and often end up with a bad taste in our mouths when it comes to airlines. 
This time, I am very happy to say that our traveling experience was that much better because of these two airlines. 
Way to Go Virgin and jetBlue! :)

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